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Quick Lesson: Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Bowling Balls

Symmetrical core bowling balls have a consistent and even motion, making them suitable for beginner and intermediate players.

They offer various layout possibilities, allowing for ball motion and roll versatility. With the recent USBC rule changes limiting the maximum differentials of symmetrical balls, the impact has been a more controlled and predictable ball reaction.

On the other hand, asymmetrical core bowling balls have a more aggressive and angular motion, making them suitable for advanced players looking for increased hook potential.

The added variable of Intermediate Differential in asymmetrical balls gives players more control over the ball’s motion, allowing for a wider range of layout possibilities to tailor the ball reaction to the player’s style and lane conditions.

In summary, symmetrical core bowling balls offer a consistent and predictable motion, while asymmetrical core bowling balls provide a more aggressive and versatile motion for advanced players.

The recent USBC rule changes have influenced symmetrical balls, while the addition of Intermediate Differential has impacted asymmetrical balls.

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